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December 18, 2023

Expanding DFW-area drone delivery to Lewisville with Walmart


We are excited to share that we are now serving customers from an additional Walmart location in Lewisville (801 W Main St Lewisville, TX 75067), in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. On the heels of our original announcement and several months of service in Frisco, we’re now able to serve more customers – just in time for the holiday rush.

Wing's drone delivery service offers customers a convenient and safe way to get their everyday needs delivered quickly and efficiently. As our Frisco customers know, you will be able to get your deliveries in under 30 minutes. We're working with Walmart to offer everything from full lunches to missing ingredients or over-the-counter medicines, and the service is available 9am-5pm daily to customers within a 6 mile radius of the Frisco and Lewisville Supercenters.

To see if your home is available for service and learn how it works, visit If you’re not yet eligible but you live in the area, don’t worry! We’ll be adding additional neighborhoods soon.

Drone delivery is a great option for people who are busy or who have difficulty getting to the store. And, at this time of year, 74% of shoppers want to save time running errands with near-instant delivery - especially the second run for missing items. Sour cream, rolls, hot dog buns, bell peppers, pineapple chunks, butter, salsa, ground beef, grilled chicken, and apples are all recent popular items in our Walmart service.

With over 350,000 residential drone deliveries globally to date, we’ve seen the impact of fast-mile delivery on customer lives. Here are a few things our customers have said about our service with Walmart so far: 

  • "We have used it for ice cream treats in the middle of summer and it was so much faster than driving to the store and the ice cream was still rock hard cold."

  • "I had a delivery from Walmart when we were running low on key ingredients for [a] recipe. We were so impressed that our eggs were delivered safely and likely had a safer journey than traveling by car in our trunk."

  • "[The kids] love going out to the driveway and competing to see who spots the drone first."

  • "My first order was small grocery items that I used for a full lunch. My anticipation grew as I saw the count down appear and the tracking begin. It was amazing seeing the drone carefully drop off the package and gracefully fly away."

We are excited to continue expanding our drone delivery service to more customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you live in Lewisville, be sure to check out Wing's drone delivery service today!