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December 6, 2023

How fast-mile delivery could help 74% of holiday shoppers save time on errands as interest in just-in-time goods surges

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Demand for last-minute grocery delivery has arrived, with 44% of respondents seeking an immediate, reliable assist on foods they need.

The holidays can be hectic. You’ve got a party in an hour but you forgot to buy a gift, and there’s no time to get ready and pick something up. Or maybe the dinner guests you’re hosting arrive in 30 minutes and you just realized you forgot the dinner rolls or, worse, the pie.

Situations like these are common. Wing recently polled 1,000 US consumers to learn more about the choices and challenges they face shopping for small items during the holidays.

We found that as they prep for parties and gatherings, they often find themselves rushing to stores for a few last-minute purchases. 43% say groceries are the most popular items they run to the store for at the last minute, for example, while 23% say the same about gifts. 

But many would prefer to skip these frantic shopping trips altogether. We found that 74% of consumers are interested in saving time running holiday errands with near-instant delivery.

And it’s about more than just convenience. Survey respondents showed interest in using what we call “fast-mile delivery” — near-instant delivery for smaller orders — for speed, sustainability, and more, signaling an opportunity for retailers to meet consumers’ needs in the moment.

These are just a few of the insights we examine in our new survey-based report, “How fast-mile delivery could help 74% of shoppers save time running errands this holiday season.” Download the full report to learn more about shoppers’ appetite for fast-mile delivery during the holidays and beyond.