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June 6, 2024

An exciting next step for drone delivery

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Wing has built our drone delivery platform from the ground up with our partners in mind. We don’t believe drone delivery should operate as a standalone service, but rather a technology that should be deeply integrated into existing supply chains. Customers will have different needs at different times, and retailers that utilize a variety of delivery technologies are better positioned to effectively meet those needs. 

With that as our guiding principle, we’ve done a few things over the past couple of years to design our technology for integration:

  1. Physical Infrastructure: We built our drone delivery hubs to be lightweight and easy to deploy. They don’t require major construction, but rather just a simple fence in a parking lot.
  2. AutoLoader: We’re developing the AutoLoader so our partners can fulfill orders without waiting for pickup or interacting directly with aircraft. It’s designed to mimic the process for curbside pickup, matching existing workflows in order to make drone delivery more seamless for store operations. 
  3. Software Integration: We’ve developed a suite of APIs to enable our partners to integrate drone delivery into their existing e-commerce platforms. More on this below.

That last one is especially significant today, as Walmart just announced it's bringing the drone delivery ordering experience directly to the Walmart app later this month. 

“Our goal is to make drone delivery completely seamless for our partners and their customers,” Wing CEO Adam Woodworth said. “When Wing drone delivery is available within the Walmart app later this month, customers will have a wider selection and a better shopping experience than ever before. This is a major step toward making drone delivery a part of everyday life.”