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April 19, 2023

Wing, DoorDash and Mirvac launch drone delivery in fast-growing Ipswich region

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We've officially launched the first drone delivery service in the City of Ipswich, Queensland this week with DoorDash and Mirvac.  

The new service at Mirvac's Orion Springfield Central shopping centre makes it possible for local restaurants and retailers using DoorDash's platform and Wing’s delivery drones to provide food and essentials to the surrounding communities. Residents can search for ‘drone delivery’ within the Doordash app to see the offering. This includes parts of Redbank Plains, Springfield Central, Springfield Lakes, Spring Mountain, Brookwater, Augustine Heights, Camira, Bellbird Park, White Rock, Springfield, Greenbank and Goodna. 

Once selected for a delivery job, Wing delivery drones located on the roof of Mirvac Orion Springfield Central, collect a package from the loading area, rise to a safe cruising height and then travel directly to the customer’s home, hovering to lower the package via a tether before returning to the shopping centre to recharge. 

We believe that drone delivery creates an affordable, easy-to-use way to address the costly last-mile delivery challenge for lightweight goods. These new services can also help reduce road congestion and emissions while creating new economic opportunities for retailers, food providers and communities.

Analysis from Accenture, published in the 2023 report, "Flying into the future", commissioned by Wing, shows drone delivery has the potential to reduce emissions and make Australian roads safer. By reducing the number of motor vehicle journeys taken in fulfilling last-mile deliveries around Australia, Accenture estimates that drones can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 238,000 tonnes by 2033, equivalent to the carbon storage of over 7 million trees. Accenture also estimates that drones can also reduce traffic on roads which will result in 320 fewer serious accidents each year, and reduce congestion by 2.0 billion vehicle kilometres, of which 1.2 billion will be from arterial roads. 

The Orion Springfield Central service represents the first collaboration between Wing, Mirvac and DoorDash, and signifies another milestone in the growth of drone delivery growth in Queensland and Australia. 

The initiative emphasises Mirvac's focus on supporting retailer growth and consumer experience, while for DoorDash it creates a quick, efficient option for smaller orders.

The launch also signifies Wing’s partnership with the Ipswich City Council to bring the project to life and embodies the Council’s focus on strengthening the local economy and building prosperity through a safer, healthier, innovative and more connected region.

While Wing has traditionally provided delivery services directly to residential and business customers, the company is now accelerating its partnerships with real estate and logistics businesses to expand delivery options, to make fast drone delivery affordable and sustainable. 

We plan to continue identifying retail properties and high-demand regions in urban and suburban areas that could benefit from new delivery options.