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April 4, 2022

The Dallas Flyer Episode 11: Wing to Launch Drone Delivery Service in Texas April 7th

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from: Adam <>

to: Wing Early Flyers

date: April 4, 2022

subject: Wing to Launch Drone Delivery Service in Texas April 7th

Hi there – I wanted to personally share the good news with you all: Wing is finally set to launch the first ever commercial drone delivery service in a major U.S. metropolitan area in just three days, on Thursday, April 7. 

We’re going to be starting small in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with service to tens of thousands of suburban homes in the City of Frisco and Town of Little Elm.

We’ve staged drones at a local Walgreens store, so they’re ready to fly health and wellness products directly to customer homes. 

In addition to Walgreens, we’ll be delivering items with three new partners in Frisco and Little Elm. We’re going to be delivering ice cream from Blue Bell Creameries (yes – it will stay frozen on those hot Texas summer days!), prescription pet medications from easyvet, and first aid kits from Texas Health.

This is an important milestone for Wing and drone delivery in the U.S. It simply would not have been possible without the support of the public officials and the citizens of Frisco and Little Elm, and our merchant partners.

So what should you all expect next?

Watch your inbox for more information from Jacob and Kendal, as they’ll be your drone delivery flight attendants for the next several months. They’re going to share info about which neighborhoods will be invited to board first, and how to check your address for eligibility and ultimately place orders. 

I do want to set clear expectations: not everyone who lives within range of our drones will be able to order on Day 1. We’re going to invite customers in groups to make sure everyone has a good first experience with drone delivery.

For the latest information, visit 

Thanks again to everyone who helped us get to this exciting week. We look forward to serving you soon!