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February 7, 2022

Your Guide to Wing's Upcoming Deliveries in Dallas

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Howdy! In the fall of last year, Wing landed in Frisco and Little Elm in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Since then we’ve been getting to know our future customers, the Lone Star skies, and standout partners. 

If you’re reading this, you’re likely pretty up to speed on Wing through our The Dallas Flyer newsletter (and if you’re not a subscriber, what are you waiting for?). But if you haven’t been able to make it to one of our community events, or are just curious, we’ve put together a video preview on what to expect from our commercial service.

Here’s the scoop:

Texas, You Did It Again

What’s even cooler than drones flying you things in a matter of minutes? This is the first time ever that drone delivery will be available in a major US metropolitan area. The residents of Frisco and Little Elm will be among the first people in the US, after Christiansburg, VA, to experience our service. 

Customers will use the marketplace within our app to select items, then choose a delivery zone option for their home - could be a yard, driveway, or both - and place their order. You can get the details on how it works here. In another Texas first, Walgreens, not Wing, employees will fulfill orders placed with their store.

Lone Star, Multiple Nestlets

That’s right, our Dallas operations are the hub for a new model for drone delivery. Instead of one main Wing nest for our aircraft and operations, we will have several smaller nestlets co-located at local businesses, starting with Walgreens. These nestlets can take as little space as a few parking spaces, and they allow for our partners to directly fulfill orders placed with their store. 

In addition to setting up the nestlet model and the technical aspects of our operations, we’ve also worked closely with regulators, aviation stakeholders, city officials, and, most importantly, our new neighbors.

“When we go into these neighborhoods, that is a sacred space and we take that responsibility really seriously.” - Jacob Demmitt, US Marketing Manager

Over the past four months, we’ve been working with the community to get feedback, answer questions, and tweak our planned offerings, before we even take off for commercial operations. This also helps us make sure we are offering a service that brings real value to the communities here, and sets the stage for a long-term partnership with the Dallas metropolitan area. 

“We want to make sure [our customers] understand that it’s safe, that it’s reliable, that it’s consistent - and that they’re going to enjoy a service they’ve never seen in their lives.” - Steven Yates, US Operations Manager

Everything’s Bigger…

The start of commercial service in Dallas is an inflection point for drone delivery technology, increasing our scope from smaller towns and cities to major cities and very densely populated suburban areas. 

Leading up to this point, we’ve built multiple aircraft, honed our software, flown tens of thousands of test flights, and completed over 130,000 commercial drone deliveries globally. This work has validated the reliability and benefits of drone delivery services, and shown it is ready for this next step into dense US metropolitan environments.

We look forward to welcoming ongoing feedback from our customers, merchant partners, and city partners, as well as hearing if you want Wing to come to your community next. Our mission in Texas, and globally, is to provide access to aviation that benefits everybody. With more than 7 million people living in the Dallas metropolitan area, we’re looking forward to lots of new pen pals. 

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