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February 7, 2022

The Dallas Flyer Episode 8: Delivery Spots 101

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from: Jacob <>

to: Wing Early Flyers

date: February 4, 2022

subject: We know a spot.

We’ve been hearing from some Early Flyers who have already downloaded the Wing Drone Delivery app and were disappointed when it said their home isn’t eligible for service. But fear not! Every house in the area will return that message right now because we haven’t launched the service yet. If you’ve already downloaded the app, you’ll be one step ahead when we do launch. And if you haven’t already, we’ll let you know when the time is right!

First Thing's First

In the meantime, we wanted to share a little more information about how we determine which homes are eligible, and how our drones know where to deliver the packages.  It all comes down to something we call a “delivery spot.” 

These predetermined spots, about the size of a picnic blanket, are places where we know we can quickly and safely place packages at homes. But how do we know where these spots are, and how do we know that they’ll work? 

How Does it Work?

When we launch in a new area, the first thing we do before we fly is take a good look around the area we plan to operate.  We analyze publicly available satellite imagery, similar to what you see on Google Earth. We utilize public data from local governments to learn property boundaries for future delivery addresses, power lines that could disrupt flight paths. And finally, we consult rules from aviation regulators to establish where we can and cannot fly. 

Armed with that data, Wing’s flight automation system reviews every delivery address and searches for a level, picnic blanket-sized patch of ground. If you have a large yard and few trees, the system may be able to find multiple spots in your front yard, back yard, side yard, or all three! Once the computer generates a delivery spot, we have a system of checks in place to make sure they’re all valid, including dozens of simulated flights to each spot. 

The whole process doesn’t take very long, and in the end we have a map with thousands of validated delivery spots waiting for customers (like you!) to use. 

Will I Have a Delivery Spot?

So, how will you know if your house has an eligible delivery spot? When we get closer to launch, we’ll share instructions on how to download the Wing Drone Delivery app. It’ll ask for your address during the account setup process, and then the app will let you know if you have a delivery spot.

In the meantime, sit tight, and we will tell you when to download the app to prep you for service launch.