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January 19, 2022

The Dallas Flyer Episode 7: Getting to know the next generation of drone-industry leaders

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from: Jacob <>

to: Wing Early Flyers

date: January 13, 2022

subject: Getting to know the next generation of drone-industry leaders

This week’s edition of The Dallas Flyer is going to be a little different, as it’s really not about Wing at all. Instead, I wanted to introduce you to a really cool group of high school students that we recently got to spend some time with at our Frisco facility.

As you might recall, a town in Southwest Virginia was the first place Wing launched our service in the U.S. back in 2019. It turns out the Montgomery County Public Schools district there has a drone club that qualified for the finals of the Bell Vertical Robotics Competition, which would take place in… (you guessed it)... DFW. What are the odds! 

We sponsored the team, made sure they got a chance to meet our engineers and pilots in Texas and watch some flight demonstrations while they were in town. It was really cool to hear about their latest drone designs (I think our engineers learned a thing or two!) and discuss how our technology is evolving as we expand from Virginia into Texas. 

Here’s a video that shares their story:

I love it when we stumble across opportunities like this. Commercial drone delivery is a new and fast-growing field, and it’s important for the entire industry that the next generation is as excited about tiny airplanes as we are. If those students from Montgomery County are any indication of what the next generation is going to bring to the table, I think it’s safe to say the future of the drone industry is in good hands.

So help us out Early Flyers! Do you know of a drone club, science class, Girl Scout troop, robotics team, or any other group in the DFW area that would like to come see how Wing works? If so, please let Kendal and I know so we can connect with them. You know where to find us! ( for those who forgot.)

Happy New Year!