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November 19, 2021

The Dallas Flyer: Episode 4

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from: Kendal <>

to: Wing Early Flyers

date: November 15, 2021

subject: A drone, a charging pad, and a wireless network

Hi there!

Our team of pilots continue to make great progress toward getting the service up and running. If you frequent the area, by now you’ve probably stumbled across one of our drone delivery facilities -- maybe without even realizing it! These aren’t space-age looking, but rather much more practical (and miniaturized) facilities that we call “nests.”

This week, we wanted to share a little more information about exactly what’s going on there. 

So for starters, why do we call them nests? Well, because this is where our aircraft recharges between flights. 

Unlike airports or warehouses where these types of operations are usually concentrated, we use a distributed network of small facilities to serve customers. By creating many small nests, we’re able to deliver to more people, more efficiently. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we’ll have a nest at a local store (in the parking lot), so products can fly directly from the store to the customer’s door in minutes. 

Here’s what one of our nests looks like:

The silver pads on the ground are drone chargers where the aircraft takeoff and land. The container in the back is where equipment is stored. The nest also has some other bells and whistles, like weather sensors and wireless communications equipment to connect to the aircraft. 

Here in Texas, we plan to also have a larger nest at Frisco Station. It will have more space for extra aircraft, tour groups and to try out new proof-of-concepts.

As we get set-up, you may start to see some practice flights soon. If you do see a drone flying, snag a picture and share it with us by using #DroneDelivery!