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March 16, 2021

Ask the Architect: Adam Woodworth

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Ever wonder what it takes to keep a drone up in the sky? Or how one delivers a package without landing? Or how it flies in the rain? Well, now is your chance. We’re launching a new weekly series called “Ask the Maker” where we’ll pose your questions to Wing’s chief tinkerer, builder, and aviation geek, Adam Woodworth. Adam is uniquely qualified to answer your questions because he’s probably asked most of them himself. In his day job, he’s Wing’s chief technology officer (CTO), responsible for building the drones we use today, which weigh in just under 10lbs, travel up to 70mph, and deliver goods to people’s homes in minutes.

Adam and his team have built hundreds of drone prototypes -- all in service of building aircraft that are safe, efficient, and capable of delivering the things you need. They’ve conducted test flights in sub zero temperatures, conducted impact testing, sprayed drones with fire hoses, and so much more. From a young kid swooshing his model X-Wing around his bedroom, to an older kid still flying his custom built RC X-Wings whenever he can, Adam has a lifelong love and appreciation for aviation and all things that fly. So ask away. Pose your questions on Twitter and keep an eye out for new answers each week.