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February 28, 2020

Extraction Coffee: Gratitude in a Well Brewed Cup

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Logan locals have rallied behind Extraction Artisan Artisan Coffee since long before it sold its first flat white in 2016.

Right out of the gate, owners Heather Scott and Alex Milosevic remember leaning on the community when they were getting ready to open the business but needed extra funds to pay for a coffee machine and that first load of green beans.

“Crowd-funding before we opened was one of the scariest things we’ve ever done,” Heather Scott, who co-owns Extraction with her husband Alex Milosevic, said.

Alex and Heather raised $26,000 in four weeks, and Extraction was ready to extract their first shot. “It really gave us confidence,” Heather added. “The generosity of the people who supported us is why our house-blend is called ‘Gratitude’.”

Extraction has responded to that support with award-winning results. In 2017 they earned a Silver Medal at the prestigious Australian International Coffee Awards, and in 2019 won 13 medals from 15 entries in the Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition. The couple shares that expertise with a series of classes. “The Coffee Appreciation Course gives a really good overview of the coffee chain from green bean to roasting, and cupping,” Heather tells us. “Our Barista Skills Class is also popular.”

For food, two items inspire the most gratitude among Extraction customers. “Alex has a Serbian heritage so we always have Chevapi on the menu. These are small, skinless sausages; really tasty. Our Smashed Avo is also a work of art. It changes with the season but is currently served on sundried tomato bread with basil hummus, fennel, citrus salad and pappadums.”

In recruiting Extraction to the drone delivery fold, Wing had some help from local TV.

“I received an email from the Wing team asking if we’d like to chat with her about the project,” says Heather. “That evening I saw a story on the news about Wing!”

“For mums at home with kids, that can’t leave the house, or for older couples who don’t drive anymore, (drone delivery) is fantastic. We love innovation and are always looking to lead the way.”

Extraction broadly embraces technology that can provide a better product or experience for customers; the shop recently installed a cutting edge new Nexus One coffee machine. Designed in the Netherlands and built in South-East Queensland under the direction of coffee engineer Geoff Michelmore, the Nexus One brings down the ‘wall of steel’ that usually separates barista and customer, opening up the space to allow the customer into the process.

Extraction’s owner says such innovations are borne of the company’s gratitude to the community. “What is life without gratitude? It’s one of our values along with community, joy and respect,” says Heather. “We feel gratitude towards every customer that comes through our door, We’re also immensely grateful to our dedicated Extraction team. We want to create the best experience we can for them right here in Logan.”

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