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October 10, 2019

Food: Sometimes it makes the party.

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If the party’s in Canberra, you can call on canGRAZE.

“We treat each of our tables as a work of art,” says canGRAZE founder Ashleigh Hall. “We want to create a ‘wow factor’.”

With Wing, canGRAZE is delivering artisanal platters, via air delivery, directly to backyard birthday parties, movie nights and days by the pool. CanGRAZE crafts finely balanced plates of cheese, chocolate, fruit and deli meats, providing the perfect complement to gatherings over sparkling water, wine, or lager.

“Wing has expanded our reach,” added Ashleigh. “What Wing has done for canGRAZE is allow their reach to become ours, while I’m off doing other events, with a minimum of fuss.”

CanGRAZE got its start when a good friend couldn’t find a caterer for an engagement party, and turned to Ashleigh. She stepped up. “I found that I had a knack for it. So I decided to back myself and start my own business.”

Ashleigh was also Wing’s first merchant partner to have first experienced Wing as a customer. “I first found out about Wing when you delivered a burrito to me in Royalla. Then in Bonython I got coffee and almond croissants delivered for brunch.”

“Once everyone experiences delivery by drone, we will wonder what we ever did without it.”

In addition to the platters that Wing delivers, canGRAZE caters parties, weddings and events of as many as 300 people. “The evolution is moving towards bigger and more impressive displays. We have even more ‘wow factor’ in the pipeline.”

CanGRAZE platters are available for delivery from the Wing app in the North Canberra suburbs of Crace, Palmerston, Franklin and Harrison. For more information about canGRAZE visit