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July 18, 2019

Farm fresh milk and the finest natural ingredients in one scoop: Meet Pure Gelato, one of Canberra’s favourite gelaterias

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Whether at a local Canberra fete, festival or fundraiser, it’s not unusual to spot Zoltan Tolgyesi and his gelato cart out in the community, bringing locals together through the shared love of a delicious scoop of gelato.

Zoltan and his wife Marianne started Pure Gelato ACT, their family-owned Canberra ice cream business more than a decade ago. Their extensive range of delicious gelato is manufactured by long time family friends Joe and Alfredo, who first created Pure Gelato in Sydney in 1994.

Zoltan and Marianne first started the business in 2008 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, before establishing their popular retail shop in Mitchell, in Canberra’s north. Pure Gelato’s award-winning gelato — they’ve been recognised by Australia’s Grand Dairy Awards, Royal Agricultural Society and Dairy Industry Association — is made from premium, Australian ingredients where possible, and has been a favourite of Canberra residents for years.

“Pure Gelato uses only the finest natural ingredients — hand selected fruit, farm fresh milk and rich, fresh cream,” Zoltan says. “We specialise in supplying gelato free of gluten, dairy, lactose, egg and nuts and our products have between zero and six per cent fat content. Chocolate and Mango are some of my personal favourites and with more than 150 flavours available, there is something for every gelato lover.”
The award-winning gelato flavours focus on quality, with every product industry certified by HACCP Australia.

Pure Gelato ACT’s mission is to “create gelato memories for family and friends to share and cherish’’. The Pure Gelato team can regularly be found at local events, and the company supports the Canberra community through its fundraising packages and “Gelato drives”, providing gelato, accessories and freezers for hire.

A delicious selection of Pure Gelato flavours are available for delivery from the Wing app. For more information on Pure Gelato ACT visit